Remember Janet

08 Nov 2014 9:51 PM | Anonymous

Janet’s Story is a story of hope, courage and loss.  It’s the story of Janet Hardy, a thirteen year old who was killed by a drunk driver.  It’s the story of her Mom finding hope in a world of grief. Janet’s Story begins with the life of Janet as told in her own words.  Her story continues with the events that lead to the crash caused by a drunk driver, the impact of the crash and drunk driving and surviving life after the loss of a child.  Janet’s Story is shared by her Mom, Debbie Hardy. 

Every month Deb speaks to court ordered drivers about the death of her child, the walk through the darkness of learning her daughter was murdered. She describes in detail what it is like to pick out not a wedding dress; but something special for the last good-bye. It is a nightmare no one should ever live through.

As you celebrate this year with family and friends please think twice about mixing social events with alcohol. One person can make a difference in saving lives! Make plans that include safety of you and your friends. Remember:

"Friends don't let Friends drive impaired!"

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Phone: 410-530-7455


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