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    I have been asked by many parents about the best way to teach your child the importance of driving safely. I have always said, it starts with example. Your child has been watching you their whole life!  From a baby in a car seat to a child in a seat belt he or she has learned A LOT about driving by watching you. We as parents need to lead by example. This is as simple as always putting on your seatbelt, not messing with your phone or being distracted. Safe and sober driving should be a conversation you have with teachable moments as your child grows. For example, many schools hold assemblies on safety and having a conversation helps to drive home the  lifesaving information. Families need to also have clear expectations on 0 tolerance concerning drinking and drugs. This means you must also demonstrate this by not driving after having a drink.

    When my children become old enough to get a learner's permit, I always started in the driveway and it is now a joke with my kids. They learned to drive backwards first, then learned parking. I did this for me, as a former trauma nurse I was scared to death to drive with them on the road! This gave me about 4-6 months to practice how to handle the car and build confidence. My next requirement was drive, drive, drive till they were sick of driving with me. I did many many hours of driving time with my teens. This built skill and believe it or not was a great way to spend time together without interruption. This is just a few thoughts on this topic, if you have a new driver enjoy this exciting time and remember your child has the best teacher of all- YOU.

  • 13 Mar 2017 2:10 PM | Anonymous

    With the approaching storm coming new drivers will be ready & willing but not ready to tackle the snow. My new driver last year couldn't wait to try his hand at navigating the deep snow of one of our larger storms. With the blizzard approaching it may be tempting to buckle up and hit the road to teach safe driving practices. This is a great idea, but keep in mind not a great thing to do as the snow is falling down. The state road crews would like to keep drivers off the roads so they can do their job and clear the snow away. The last thing they need are cars stuck, crashed or left on the side of the road. 

    Last year, I took my new driver out for a trip on our road when I thought it was clear. Little did I know that we would get about a mile away to discover the road below us had not been touched. We were in a CRV-all wheel drive and had a fake sense of security because after all we know these types of cars don't get stuck in a few inches of snow right? Wrong, thank goodness I knew to stay close to home because we got stuck trying to go up a small hill. We were close enough to walk but thanks to my son-in-law 4x4 truck we were pulled to safety within minutes of our anxiety producing event.
    Fast forward a year, he is now the driver of a 4x4 that is equipped for the weather. It has shovels, kitty litter, drinks, snacks, a blanket and always a charger for his phone. He is a fireman now and understands the importance of planning ahead for the unknown. Taking him out after the storm passed, letting him figure out how and what to do if stuck with my supervision was a great idea and has given him a healthy appreciation of bad weather driving. Be safe out there~

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    We are not asking for donations but for you to buy makeup. We have amazing 3D + mascara, BB cream, skin care and lots more available. This allows us to provide programs to schools about injury prevention. Traumatic injury is the number one killer of young adults. Partner with us to change lives by purchasing what every women wants -MAKEUP!

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    This year we spoke at a number of schools about safe and sober driving at local schools in surrounding Baltimore Washington area. We reached more than 10,000 teens and teachers with our life savor information. Be part of our efforts to provide free programs by supporting what we do. Donate to PADDD by sending a donation to the PO box or order products all ladies love- Make up. Order

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    This blog is done by Debbie Hardy~

    Celebrating a safe Holiday can be a life saving decision. 
    During the Holiday season, when many gather to celebrate with family and friends, we need to be sure we are making responsible choices.  The consumption of alcohol seems to be synonymous with party's and celebration.   A designated driver should also be a part of these party's and celebrations.  Making responsible choices happens long before the party starts.  The choice to designate a driver or to hire a cab for sober transportation needs to be in place before the celebrating begins.  As hosts of Holiday gatherings, we also need to sure our guest are making responsible choices and intervene when needed.  Offering non-alcoholic beverage options can be a fun way to celebrate too.  Be the life of the party this year!!

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    Janet’s Story is a story of hope, courage and loss.  It’s the story of Janet Hardy, a thirteen year old who was killed by a drunk driver.  It’s the story of her Mom finding hope in a world of grief. Janet’s Story begins with the life of Janet as told in her own words.  Her story continues with the events that lead to the crash caused by a drunk driver, the impact of the crash and drunk driving and surviving life after the loss of a child.  Janet’s Story is shared by her Mom, Debbie Hardy. 

    Every month Deb speaks to court ordered drivers about the death of her child, the walk through the darkness of learning her daughter was murdered. She describes in detail what it is like to pick out not a wedding dress; but something special for the last good-bye. It is a nightmare no one should ever live through.

    As you celebrate this year with family and friends please think twice about mixing social events with alcohol. One person can make a difference in saving lives! Make plans that include safety of you and your friends. Remember:

    "Friends don't let Friends drive impaired!"

  • 07 Sep 2014 11:06 PM | Anonymous

    Tonight my son who is an EMT responded to a crash somewhere here in Maryland. We see, read and hear people don't let friends drive drunk so we all know better, right? Well one would think. This is not the case. Tonight it was a call for a crash with 2 injured and it turned out to be 3 young girls. Two dead one critical and a group of friends who were following them home to make sure they were safe. Now these kids knew better, they were all over 21. They had all been at the same night club and were concerned enough about the driver to follow her home? Come on! Do better than that, take the keys, give them a ride, call them a cab, call a family member. Friends don't let friends drive drunk. Remember that please.

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