Snow and new drivers

13 Mar 2017 2:10 PM | Anonymous

With the approaching storm coming new drivers will be ready & willing but not ready to tackle the snow. My new driver last year couldn't wait to try his hand at navigating the deep snow of one of our larger storms. With the blizzard approaching it may be tempting to buckle up and hit the road to teach safe driving practices. This is a great idea, but keep in mind not a great thing to do as the snow is falling down. The state road crews would like to keep drivers off the roads so they can do their job and clear the snow away. The last thing they need are cars stuck, crashed or left on the side of the road. 

Last year, I took my new driver out for a trip on our road when I thought it was clear. Little did I know that we would get about a mile away to discover the road below us had not been touched. We were in a CRV-all wheel drive and had a fake sense of security because after all we know these types of cars don't get stuck in a few inches of snow right? Wrong, thank goodness I knew to stay close to home because we got stuck trying to go up a small hill. We were close enough to walk but thanks to my son-in-law 4x4 truck we were pulled to safety within minutes of our anxiety producing event.
Fast forward a year, he is now the driver of a 4x4 that is equipped for the weather. It has shovels, kitty litter, drinks, snacks, a blanket and always a charger for his phone. He is a fireman now and understands the importance of planning ahead for the unknown. Taking him out after the storm passed, letting him figure out how and what to do if stuck with my supervision was a great idea and has given him a healthy appreciation of bad weather driving. Be safe out there~

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